How do I start my process with you?

Please go ahead and fill out my contact form, that way I get some information of what type of session and the ideas you have in mind for it. I will contact you to provide you with more information to review. If you’re interested in moving forward, we will schedule a consultation that can take place in my studio or via Zoom.

what does the session fee include?

The session fee is also known as a creative fee or sitting fee. It is the actual cost of photographing a session. This fee only covers the actual service and not the digital images files or printed product such as Wall Arts, Albums or Prints. Once the session is finished, the client can make a decision of what images and products they would like to purchase.

What is the actual price of a session?

The price of a session depends of the type of session and the ideas the clients want to achieve. Products pricing and packages are the same for every client.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, 50% of the cost is require to reserve the spot.

Do you provide RAW files?

No, We do not provide any Raw files under any circumstances.

Do you provide unedited images?

No, we do not provide any unedited images whatsoever. We only sell finished and well polished products.

Do you provide digital files?

Each of the packages and products we offer , comes with the matching low resolution digital file (printable to 8×10).

Are you LGTB+ friendly?

We love all of our clients equally.